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are rocket scientists and technologists who understand information, finance and business. We developed the trading systems that became the model for every single modern trading system. Our software underpins NASDAQ’s messaging infrastructure. We have built algorithms for trading, and extracted news for algorithms. We designed the massively scalable server clusters and information architecture that run Wall Street’s systems... Read more


is technology that derives intelligence & reveals hidden context from large amounts of highly dynamic unstructured information, unifying it with structured data to provide complete situational awareness. In real time. Years in the making, we have crafted our technology to where we are now proud to put it in your hands... Read more


If you are a finance professional, our product, Knewsapp is designed specifically for you. Knewsapp synthesizes news, market and reference data at their source to deliver hyperrelevant information that provides you with the inside edge. Qualitative overlay to your quantitative market data. Before the market... Read more